Install Suckless Terminal (Nord Theme)

This post will be a super simple entry for self-documenting how I installed Suckless Terminal with Nord .

Setup and Configuration:

Download the source:

curl -LO ''
tar xzf st-0.8.4.tar.gz
cd st-0.8.4


Nord Theme:

curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-nordtheme-0.8.2.diff


curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-scrollback-0.8.4.diff

Hide Cursor:

curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-hidecursor-0.8.3.diff

Copy URL:

curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-copyurl-0.8.4.diff


curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-clipboard-0.8.3.diff

Blinking Cursor:

curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-blinking_cursor-20211116-2f6e597.diff

Universal Scroll:

curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-universcroll-0.8.4.diff

Default Font Size:

curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-defaultfontsize-20210225-4ef0cbd.diff

Desktop Entry:

curl -LO ''

patch -Np1 -i st-desktopentry-0.8.4.diff

Compile and Install:

sudo make install clean
Written on December 17, 2021