Gotify iOS Notifications

Edit: Updated the script to push to ntfy with the autoreconnect: overlay so websocat will reconnect when Gotify goes down.

This will be a super brief post on how I am getting notifications from Gotify pushed over to my iOS device. I was on Android for a few months, switched back to iOS and was very disappointed to find there is no iOS Gotify app. So here is my solution to that problem.

This article is not going to cover setting up Gotify, I will assume that is done.

As I’m lazy, I’m going to assume you will be doing this all as the root user on your Linux machine.



My script example relies on the following being installed (and configured) on your server:

  • bash
  • websocat
  • jq
  • ntfy

Switch out the dependencies for software you prefer on your Linux machine and modify your script to match that configuration.

In my setup I have configured ntfy to work with Pushover (Pushover is a one-time $5 fee on iOS) in /root/.config/ntfy/ntfy.yml:

  - pushover
  user_key: <key>

Change Pushover to your preferred service that works with ntfy.


Place the following in /opt/

#!/usr/bin/env bash


while read line
        ntfy send "$(echo ${line} | jq -r '.message')"
done < <(websocat -H "X-Gotify-Key: ${token}" -t - autoreconnect:"${uri}")

Make sure to modify the token and uri variables in the script to match your Gotify application token and the URI of your Gotify websocket.

Make it executable:

chmod u+x /opt/

Since there’s an API token in the file, let’s also restrict the permissions so only root can access it.

chown root /opt/
chmod 700 /opt/

Cron job:

Place the following in crontab -e:

@reboot screen -dmS gotify-sync /opt/

Then reboot:

shutdown -r now

Check if websocat is running:

ps aux | grep websocat

Test to see if your notifications are syncing by running the Gotify CLI client (or just create a new message yourself):

gotify push testing

Assuming you configured ntfy to work with a backend that works on iOS you should get a push notification any time a new message goes to your Gotify server.

Written on October 28, 2021